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The Jewish Federation of Dutchess County addresses the most critical needs of the Jewish community. We ensure a vibrant, caring, connected, and enduring local Jewish community. Globally we work with international partners to foster dynamic connections with Jews around the world, strengthening Jewish peoplehood, and taking care of those at risk.


With a long tradition of compassion and tikun olam, the Jewish Federation of Dutchess County maximizes the collective impact of Klal Yisrael. We read the broad Jewish landscape, identify current needs, and make plans to serve future ones. We raise and allocate funds that have impact broadly and deeply. Every donor who contributes to the Federation takes care of the vulnerable, builds and nurtures Jewish identity, advances local Jewish interests, and contributes to a strong and secure Israel and global Jewish world. Join us.



Never Again Education Act HR 943


The Never Again Education Act, H.R. 943, is a bill that would provide help and training to high school teachers all across the country to assist them in teaching about the history of the Holocaust.


Recent polls have revealed a shocking ignorance of the basic facts about the Holocaust among young people in the United States. In a time of rising hate crimes, it is imperative to teach about what the dangers are of remaining  ignorant about the past and what hatred can tragically lead to.


 See the chart below – only 11 states in the US now require Holocaust education in schools. Passing H.R. 943 would increase awareness of the importance of Holocaust education in schools of all types.


Thank you for all you to help fight ignorance about the Holocaust, an important part of fighting hatred and anti-Semitism.









Roberta Grosman 145 Simone Dr
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603



Schomre Israel Bus Trip to Jewish Heritage Museum Auschwitz exhibit

Roberta Grosman 145 Simone Dr
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

PJ Library Mid-Hudson Valley


The PJ Library books and the reading experience are the heart of the PJ Library program. But we also host dozens of creative, fun activities and meet-ups for parents, children and families right in your own backyard. 


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The Voice

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The Howard Lynne
Scholarship Fund


...because a Jewish future depends on it.

The Howard Lynne Scholarship Fund was created to strengthen the Dutchess Jewish
future by providing aid to families for Jewish education and youth trips to Israel. 

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